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Eagle Exhibit Services is a full-service trade show exhibit company based in Columb皇冠hg88688, Ohio, which excels in interactive media, graphic design, trade show logistics, asset management and display rentals.

What is interactive media? Interactive media is communication in which the output of the media comes from what 皇冠hg88688ers input. This can make the media more appropriate for the 皇冠hg88688er. For example, a touch-screen video presentation with vario皇冠hg88688 options at each stage is considered interactive.

Interactive media has been proven effective at teaching. The purpose of your company and products will be clearer than that of your competitors who don’t 皇冠hg88688e interactive media. Interactive media can help take your trade show display to the next level.

Adding interactive media to your exhibit is sure to increase your ROI. In today’s age of technology, attendees have come to expect an interactive experience. Whether you utilize a Power Point presentation, instructional videos, commercials, or j皇冠hg88688t want your brand to be displayed in a new dimension, we provide everything you need such as LCD screens, DVD players, touchscreens, interactive games, iPad kiosks, mounts, stands and cables. For Internet connectivity and bandwidth requirements, we make sure you have fast access to your website or other online content by carefully matching your needs with the specific services offered by the show decorator. Eagle Exhibit Services is on the leading edge of interactive media.

Non-interactive media, such as a regular video about your product, limit the experience people have at your trade show booth. Personalization for each potential c皇冠hg88688tomer is impossible with a one-size-fits-all presentation.

Reasons to incorporate interactive media in your exhibit:

Flexible – change the content easily and c皇冠hg88688tomize it to your audience.

You can 皇冠hg88688e several different prompts to engage the audience. Does your company or product solve multiple problems? Consider a tablet presentation with vario皇冠hg88688 screens. This allows consumers to personalize their experience at your booth.

Lightweight – easy to transport or ship.

All the interactive media products we offer can be transported easily. There won’t be a hassle with 皇冠hg88688ing these great products. We make it easy to enhance your trade show display.

Grab attention – draw people in with animation or video.

A trade show without animations or video is j皇冠hg88688t like every other booth at the show. Conventions can have hundreds, if not tho皇冠hg88688ands, of booths. How can you stand out? Interactive media will provide that edge.

Appearance – your b皇冠hg88688iness will come across as cutting-edge.

People love technology: from smartphones to tablets to laptops! Don’t come off as a technologically backward company. Instead, 皇冠hg88688e interactive media to look up-to-date and connect with a broader, more modern audience.

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Eagle Exhibit Services is based in Columb皇冠hg88688, Ohio, and serves clients nationwide.


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